• SOS meetup

    Discovering roots of Amritsar with City On Pedals

    It’s always a delightful treat to go to Amritsar, no matter how many times, obviously because of the presence of City On Pedals and their hospitality there. The trails to discover hidden city gems on cycles, indulging in Punjabi food and having the most fun days in the city while being with buddies, is what I always looked forward to.  But this time the expectations surpassed because we spent 3 days living in City On Pedals hostel which is also India’s first 5-star hostel. You will soon realize that after reading this. Stay On Skill returned back to Amritsar for the meet-up. Why? Because we couldn’t get enough of the…

  • SOS for hotels and hostels

    The Four Realms of Experience for Hotels and Hostels

    The concept of Experiential Marketing or Experiential Economy in the hospitality industry was first defined by Pine and Gilmore, two renowned academics in the International Hospitality industry, who said that “an experience for hotels is said to occur whenever they use their services as a stage, and goods as props with the focus on engaging with customers, thereby creating a remarkable event”. Such experiences usually engage the customer in an intrinsically personal way. Ever since then, the concept has been continuously analysed over the past decade by various academics as it has become an essential part of the marketing strategy for the Hospitality and Tourism industry. They categorized experiences into four broad…

  • Stay On Skill Yoga expert Ridhi teaching Yoga at The Bunker, Udaipur
    SOS for hotels and hostels

    10 must do inhouse activities for hotels and hostels

    Hotels and hostels are increasing in number by the day. And now there are homestays that are adding to the competition. From a customer perspective, the choices are just so many that you need to do something to stand out from the rest. While we believe that every property is unique, but to market yourself there has to be a more substantial proposition that just – beautiful rooms, great location, authentic food. Here are 10 inhouse activities for hotels to stand out from the stiff competition in the hospitality sector: 1. Travel Meetups and Workshops If there’s one thing that connects different people when on the road, is the common…

  • SOS Accelerator

    These properties made it to the first batch of SOS Accelerator

    In the past one year Stay On Skill collaborated with more than 100 properties in order to help them grow their businesses in different ways. Some properties required web developers, mural artists, landscape architects, whereas others had the need for travel bloggers, instagram influencers, and drone videographers. One common thing among all these properties was the requirement of “skilled” people to boost their business, and stand out in the crowded space of hospitality industry. In facilitating all of this, we at Stay On Skill gained a few critical insights. As a natural result of which, we started SOS Marketing Accelerator (SOS Accelerator). The idea was to share our learnings with a set…